Step 1 

We honestly Face and Embrace the Impact of the Sexual Revolution on our lives. 

“It wasn’t my fault.”

We approach Step 1 with a grieving but hopeful heart. We ask ourselves: how has the Sexual Revolution impacted our lives?  We have no desire to cast blame.  We set aside any anger or fear we may feel at this point.  Our purpose here is simply to face reality.  Our ultimate goal is to move beyond anger, blame and fear, in a spirit of love and hope. We plan now, to step beyond being Victims, to become Survivors, and Advocates for positive change. 

If negative feelings arise, do not be troubled or distracted by them. Picture yourself picking up the negative feelings: blame, shame, anger, fear, sadness, above all, loneliness. Hold those negative feelings for a few moments. They belong to you. You have decisions about what to do with them. For now, place them gently into a box. In your mind, label the box, “Handle with care, when the time is right.”  

We will come back to those feelings in other steps. 

For now, we want simply to take an inventory of what happened to you. 

Here are some activities to help you complete Step 1. Remember, 10 minutes a day is all we are asking. If you feel overwhelmed, just stop for now. You can pick up the process tomorrow. 

  1. Take the quiz: Are you a Survivor of the Sexual Revolution?
  2. Go to the Survivor Chart. Which Survivor best fits your life story? Take the quiz for your Survivor-type.   As you read down the list of the Victims of the Sexual Revolution, keep these questions in mind.
    • Was I a victim of injustice? 
    • Did I make decisions based on faulty information? 
    • Are people I love being harmed by misinformation? 
    • Are people I love being harmed by their own misbehavior or someone else’s?  
  3. Consult the page for your Survivor-type for more resources.
  4. Investigate the steady stream of propaganda:

    Dr. Morse has many articles, podcasts and interviews that debunk prominent studies, expose propaganda or that dissect the Sexual Revolutionary storyline.

    These articles help us see that we have all been subjected to a steady stream of propaganda, promoting the Sexual Revolution.

    It is no wonder we are all confused! It is no wonder we have made poor choices! It is no wonder we feel as if there are no alternatives to the way we have been living.

  5. Tell your Survivor Story. Go here for Guidelines for Telling Your Survival Story.
  6. Join the Ruth Refuge for help and encouragement.

Do you feel at peace, as you realize the ways in which you were lied to or victimized?  Some of what happened was not your fault. You can begin to let go of those things and be at peace. 

“(The devil) was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44 

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