Step 2 

We face up to our own self-deceptions, sexual misconduct and lack of charity. 

“It wasn’t my fault, but it is now my responsibility.”

The Sexual Revolution promotes ideas that are appealing, but untrue.  That is why so many of us were seduced into participating. In Step 1, we learned that it was not our fault. We were victimized. We were lied to. But in Step 2, we realize that even though it wasn’t our fault, it is still our responsibility.  Why? Because we wish to take full responsibility for our own lives. In that way, we can find healing for ourselves and share it with others. 

Keep in mind that some of these issues will be on-going issues.  We may have been lying to ourselves for a long time. Our behavior patterns may not change overnight. 

No matter. We accept our imperfections, past and present. We accept the fact that we will make some of the same mistakes again. We are confident that we will be able to face future mistakes promptly, humbly and honestly. God writes straight with crooked lines. He can use our worst sins, the things we are most embarrassed by, to bring good to others. 

We are committed to telling the truth about ourselves.  

  1. Go watch Dr. Morse’s testimony on the free Ruth Institute video channel. This talk that she gave to a Catholic women’s group in San Diego, touches on most of the key points of self-deception, sexual misconduct and sins against charity.
  2. Fill out the Step 2 Inventory worksheet.
  3. Perhaps it will be helpful to you to state out loud, to others, the exact nature of your self-deceptions, sexual misconduct and sins against charity. Find a trusted friend, accountability partner or member of the clergy to talk with. 
  4. Read the Survivors Stories.  Many of these stories deal with Step 2 issues. 
  5. You may wish to share some part of your Survivor story.  Go here to for Guidelines for “Tell Ruth the Truth,” Telling your Survivor Story.

Do you feel peace, as you tell the truth to yourself about your own actions? 

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32