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Take this quiz to see if you are a Survivor of the Sexual Revolution.

Question 1: Have you ever felt hurt, used or disappointed by a sexual encounter?
Question 2: Did you ever feel neglected by your parents because of their preoccupation with their love lives?
Question 3: Do you suspect you are not being told the whole truth about the meaning of sex?
Question 4: Do you ever wonder if you are the only person who thinks what you think or feels what you feel about sex?
Question 5: Are you involved in a sexual relationship that you think is not good for you, but stopping it seems unrealistic or difficult?
Question 6: Are you worried about your children finding out sexual activities you participated in when you were younger?
Question 7: Are you worried about what your children may see on the internet, on TV, or at their friends’ homes?
Question 8: Have you ever been dumped or dropped without warning by a “friend with benefits,” lover, or spouse?

How many "yes" answers do you have? The more you have, the more likely it is that you are a Survivor of the Sexual Revolution.