A Guide for Telling Your Survival Story 

“My journey from Victim to Survivor to Advocate for positive change”

We aspire to collect and promote the largest set of stories on the planet! We are looking for stories of people who have suffered from the Sexual Revolution and its lies. We want to hear from you if:

  • you were victimized by someone else
  • you were lied to and therefore did things you regret, including things that hurt yourself
  • you were lied to and therefore did things you regret, including things that were harmful to others

We especially want to hear how you came to see through the lies, and overcame the problems these lies caused.

In other words, we want to hear about your journey from Victim to Survivor. And once you become a Survivor, we can help you become an Advocate for Positive Change! But no matter where you are in your journey, you can contribute. We want to hear from you, no matter where you are in this journey from Victim to Survivor to Advocate!

All you need is a desire to contribute.

We will help you find your niche and your audience.

Just tell your story in 700 words or less. If approved, we will post it the Tell Ruth the Truth blog.

Opportunities for you

Once your story has been approved and posted, you become eligible for further forms of story-telling.

You may be selected to:

  • Give talks to groups in your community, with your story as a part of your presentation
  • Do an interview with Dr. Morse for the Ruth Institute podcast series
  • Represent the Ruth Institute on radio interviews

Are you ready to get started? We are excited that you’ll be part of our movement!

“It wasn’t my fault. But I now make it my responsibility.”

Your presentation must include these elements:

“I was a Victim of the Sexual Revolution.”

“I came to see that I had been wrong, or mistaken, or victimized,” (whichever best applies to you.)

    • Tell what happened to you that was the final straw.
    • Describe how you made the connection between the Sexual Revolutionary ideology and the problems you faced in your life.

“I am a Survivor.”

    • Describe how you overcame the ill-effects of the Sexual Revolution.

At some point in the presentation, say this: “It wasn’t my fault. I now make it my responsibility.”

  • “I am an Advocate for…”
    • Describe the positive change that you are most passionate about.
    • Mention some action you are taking to help others.

As we already mentioned, if you feel you are not yet a Survivor or an Advocate, that is ok too.  Just say something about your aspirations. “I intend to overcome…” “I hope to advocate for…”  Whatever applies to you and your situation is fine. We want to hear from you, no matter where you are in this journey from Victim to Survivor to Advocate!

Your presentation may, but need not, include these elements:

  • Your full name
  • The year of your birth
  • Your home town, or the location of any of the important parts of your story.

In other words, you may be as private as you like. 

Here are some things that will disqualify your story from appearing on our site:

  • Swearing or cursing
  • Excessive blame of an individual by name (This is your story, not theirs.)
  • Threats or attempts at intimidation
  • Political rants (This is not the time for public policy arguments. That comes later.)

All materials become the property of the Ruth Institute. When you send us your story, you do so with the understanding that we have:

  • the rights to use it without any compensation to you
  • no obligation to use it at all
  • no obligation to return it to you

We have the understanding that you:

  • have the right to publish this material with us (that is, you have not submitted it elsewhere or otherwise committed it to another outlet)
  • affirm that your story is true

We are looking forward to hearing your story, and helping you share it with others!

Send your article here

You do not have to be a member of the Ruth Refuge to submit your story, and for us to consider it seriously.  However, we do strongly suggest that you join the Ruth Refuge for support for your journey.