Do your part to heal family breakdown! It's as easy as 1-2-3. Choose a topic that interests you--each one has 4 sessions, and we've collected all readings and a few other materials you might find useful. That's it--you're all ready to go!

Available topics so far (click for more information):

Why should you do a "Defend the Family" book club?

Great potential to heal family breakdown:

  • heal yourself from your own family breakdown
  • help to heal your family members and friends
  • provide family and friends with the tools and resources they're looking for to heal themselves
  • build up society’s support for the family so fewer families suffer in the first place. 

Other advantages:

  • easy participation: no financial cost, and very low time cost
  • builds friendships and community: face-to-face meetings, not just online or virtual (although we have those, too!)
  • easy to explain: everyone knows someone who has suffered from family breakdown, and most people want to help
  • helps keep the momentum created by big events such as retreats, speeches, rallies, or conventions. 

Here a couple of easy ways to get started with one of our Book Clubs.

Want a taste of what one of our book clubs feels like? We hold an online one every month on the 4th Tuesday evening.
Sign up for your spot at our next one. (Questions? Contact our book club specialist.)

Would you like help brainstorming on how to host a book club? Download our planning worksheet.
For even more information, download our planning workbook.

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