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The Ruth Refuge is a “Members Only” space on the Ruth website. At the Ruth Refuge, you will find:

  • People who are seeking answers for their questions about the impact of the Sexual Revolution on their lives
  • Support in building a better life and encouragement for advocating for a better world
  • People who might have once been Victims, but who are seeking to become Survivors
  • People who might have once been Survivors, but who are now seeking to become Advocates for Positive Change

In short, people like you.

Members receive:

  • Commenting privileges on the Ruth Speaks Out and Tell Ruth the Truth blogs
  • Reading, posting and commenting privileges on the Ruth Refuge blog, a private, member's only blog
  • Access to members only content, including special podcasts


If you are a Survivor of the Sexual Revolution, please fill out the form below to be considered for membership. You will receive an email with more information. Please check your email after filling out this form. Please allow 2-3 days in order to receive access to the Ruth Refuge. Thank you!  

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Disclaimer: This is a mutual help site. This site does not offer therapeutic services.  People in need of such services should consult a professional.