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Dr J’s Welcome: Rosary Around the Lake, 2018

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thank you, Deacon Brian, and thank you everyone for coming.

  • Catholic Exchange, our exclusive Live Streaming Partner. The Live Stream is advantageous for two reasons.

First, it allows people to listen here today, who may be out of range of the speakers.

Second, it allows people to join us in our wonderful prayer event from anywhere in the world.

To listen to the live stream, please go to the Ruth Institute Facebook page, and click on the appropriate place.

  • Speaking of the range of the speakers, I would like to thank Lucas Orsot for Sound Equipment, along with Ross Dupre and Richard Suarez, Francis Orsot, Fr. Jacob Scott Conner
  • Rob Morse
  • Christina Orsot for live streaming equipment
  • Gretchen Jester, compiling the music
  • Dawn Wallwork with Louisiana Wireless, for the use of the walkie talkies
  • Dale DeSonier and Keith DeSonier for overall organizing
  • Karl Gillard for donating water bottles
  • Alan Heisser for the golf cart
  • The Rosary Makers of Our Lady Queen of Heaven
  • The Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus
  • Staff members of the Ruth Institute: Norrie Vladuchik, who flew in from Pittsburgh and Rachel Golden, whom many of you have spoken with.
  • All our volunteers who have helped us today, especially our Prayer Leaders
  • Our Cracker-Jack Good Weather Committee, the School Children of the Diocese of Lake Charles
  • I would like to thank Mayor Nic Hunter for his participation.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Bishop Glen John Provost for agreeing to come. Bishop, your presence means a lot to the people of Lake Charles, and to me personally. Thank you.
  • And of course, we thank the Mother of God and her Divine Son Jesus for all their love and care for us.

When people think of the Catholic Church, they often picture a crowd of cardinals, processing into St. Peter’s.But this too, is the Catholic Church, thousands of lay people, coming together to praise God, do good, and welcome anyone who wants to join them.

Thank you all for making this wonderful day possible.


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